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Nearly a century ago, western explorers from the continent of Teich set sail in hopes of discovering gold, glory, and perhaps even gods. For two months they braved tumultuous seas, treacherous beasts, and threats of mutiny. In the third month, when the fate of the voyage seemed bleak, all thoughts of failure were cast aside.

Four islands were found, originally, and marked on the charts by the ships that first landed on them: The Byrna, Cara’s Bounty, The Finti, and The Juli Anne. It wasn’t long before they discovered that the quartet of islands formed the southern-most tip of a chain that stretched across nearly five-hundred miles of ocean. Without thought of fully exploring the rest of the archipelago, they sent word back to Teich that this new land was fertile, and free for the taking. The message was short, and very clear. In a word, it read, “Colonies!”

As it happened, there were natives in the islands to the North that would take exception to that…

People: Information on the races of the archipelago, as well as specific people such as player characters, historical figures, and influencial personalities in Argnaro politics and culture.

Places: Information on the islands including sovereignty, capitols, leaders, and relationships with the other powers. Also details locations, charted and uncharted, discovered by the player characters.

Items: Information on the various wonders of the Teichan and Crenauxi civilizations, as well as items important to the story.

History: The historical details of the setting that may or may not be revealed during the course of the story.


Main Page

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