The people of the Teichan mainland to the west of the Argnaro Archipelago are varied. Counted among them are humans (predominantly), forest elves, sand elves, river-faring halflings, city-dwelling half-orcs and half-elves, and even a goblin nation was established and peacefully brought into the fold.

Teichan humans are like the humans of many other great and prosperous nations, which is to say that their capacity for diversity is unmatched. There are brave defenders of the realm, and those who would destroy it for no other reason than to see the world in a panic. Those humans who live in Argnaro usually take well to the wandering life, and if they stay in any one place, typically they will stay in one of the grand cities of the Teichan colonies – Diamond Shores, High Palm, Port Heartsmouth, Port Micah, and so on.

The elves of the expansive Killian Forest enjoy a good relationship with the Empire, providing scouts and skilled guerilla warriors to the great armies of Teich. They are stoic people, usually staying out of politics, and feel less wanderlust than their human neighbors. Killian Elves are a rare sight in the colonies.

Their Southern cousins, on the other hand, are about as different as they possibly could be. The Sand Elves of the Great Dune are emotional and vibrant, they live life to the fullest, and are far more likely to journey out of their homeland to places near and far. When the Empire came to the desert, they resisted, and to date are the only segment of the Teichan populace that were conquered and forced into the system. Wandering masters of desert knife fighting have made their way to Argnaro, as well as other less recognizable individuals looking forward to the horizon.

The halflings of Teich were critical to the founding of the Empire centuries ago. They trafficked supplies and people to locations farther and farther away, allowing rapid expansion. Because of this, they are highly regarded in the Empire and, with the ruling humans, have an equal hand in governing Teich (assuming it doesn’t conflict with the Emperor’s wishes). Quirky and mischievious, they are a people of fast friends, and are well-known as the best sailors in the Archipelago.

Half-elves and half-orcs are mostly found in the cities of the Empire, working as common laborers. They are similar in that they both possess forceful personalities that most people either tend to love or hate immediately. Those on a more even keel, however, have been known to rise up and be successful. Teich is happy to have a few half-orc Generals leading its armies alongside human officers, and the few half-elves that make it out of the slums tend toward adventuring, wanting to get away from the humans that “enslaved” the desert tribe.

Last among the Imperial races, and most recent, are the goblins of Gruthak. This enormous tribe was in shambles after a hard-fought victory against a tribe of swamp-dwelling dragonborn. The leaders of the tribe came to the Emperor and asked for help organizing and building a goblin nation, and the Emperor agreed, in exchange for the goblin’s peaceful inclusion in the Empire. Goblins from Gruthak are quick-witted and surprisingly bright, and they have maintained their tribal heritage. They are family oriented, and as such they rarely wander far from home, but the odd goblin can be found here and there in the colonies, and they are a welcome sight to those who enjoy good conversation.

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