Diamond Shores

Diamond Shores, the capitol of Del Juli, is Argnaro’s most populated, wealthiest, and most powerful Teichan holding in the region. The city is run by Governor Kensington, who manages the details of Diamond Shores, as well as the general operations of Del Juli and it’s naval forces.

A breath-taking sight to behold, this white city slopes up a tall hill, giving it a feeling of depth and importance, despite it’s monochromatic color scheme. Named for the glittering beaches it overlooks, the city is divided into several districts. The Table, at the crest of the city, is where the upper-crust make their homes, and the district contains the various government buildings and administrative offices, such as the Ministry of Commercial Affairs and the Diamond Shores Guard Headquarters. The Facets are the city blocks in between the Table and the shore, and here the best shopping and dining in the Archipelago can be found, like Red’s Threads, the Oak and Crossier, and Andy’s Amazing Arsenal of Arms and Armor. The various guildhalls (the Salvage Guild, the Mysterium, etc.) can also be found in the Facets. The Pavilion, nearest the waterfront, is the most meager section of town, and is home to petty criminals and day laborers, and several gangs operate out of the district.

In the Summer, the city comes alive every night with festivals and celebration, welcoming the wealth brought by vacationers and foreign dignitaries. In the Winter months, the locals reclaim the town and are happy to spend the coin they so quickly amassed.

The white-and-silver clad Diamond Shores Guard is fairly vigilant, deterring crime by maintaining a presence in the Facets and Pavilion. The Guard, however, isn’t omnipresent, so travelers are advised to keep their purses out of view, especially when in the Pavilion or when engaging in night-time revelry in the Facets. The more organized criminal elements in the city, however, include several highly talented individuals – expert second-story men and those who are masters of avoiding unnecessary attention. They operate with seeming impunity, but know well enough not to push the Guard too far. The bolder the criminal, the more likely they will wind up in the city’s small prison built underwater – tunneling out is an exceedingly poor escape route.

By-and-large, Diamond Shores is a city of hospitality, and is home to every race represented by the Teichan Empire (and a few that are not). Visitors are welcome, and your gold even more so.

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Diamond Shores

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