The Crenaux are a humanoid people who share a common biological origin with the tieflings of the Teichan mainland. They resemble tieflings, only with grey skin and no horns, and are slightly more robust physically.

Crenauxi (this changes between Crenauxi and Crenaux, based mostly on what sounds correct to the speaker) were once foreigners themselves. Millenia before the Teichan Empire began colonizing the southern isles, Crenauxi settlers came to Argnaro from their native land of Ur’nata. This region of volcanic badlands was sparce and meager, but the Crenaux and the land seemed to be linked in their souls. They discovered humans, newly risen in the world, and educated them – taught them to fight, to write, to think, and showed them magic. This was their folly. The humans, who numbers were far greater than the Crenaux, had not learned to control their emotions, nor to exercise wisdom. The rebellion was devestating, and so the Crenaux in Ur’nata sailed south, and came upon the archipelago that they ruled for so long.

Many Teichan schollars, when presented the opportunity, cannot resist asking why the Crenaux were not in control of every island by the time the colonists arrived. Crenauxi whom deign to speak with the foreign interlopers have several varying accounts, but common among them are the following: the Crenaux were few when they came to the island, most Crenaux mothers do not have more than one child in a lifetime, incest is a taboo punishable by death, and the native tribes and monsters are exceedingly dangerous. Also, a contributing factor may have been that Crenauxi settlers had a very difficult time adapting to the tropical environment. So much so that it altered their skin color from the red hues of their tiefling origins to an ashen grey. They also lost their tolerance for enduring fire and developed a resistance to poison in its place, so as to better survive the lethality of both the flora and fauna.

In the time since the Crenaux first landed in the archipelago, they have developed greatly as a people. They have refined their magical studies to near perfection, incorporating the arcane into their strange organic cities, their impossibly fast ships, and their small, but potent armies. Their culture, having felt the sting of betrayal, is built on secrets and deception, and as such they have need for many assassins, spies, theives, diplomats and politicians. Their ruling bodies are the Houses. Each House is in control of at least one city, and the most powerful lord over at least two.

In summation, the Crenaux are a strong, independent, and often paranoid people steeped in magical traditions and political jockeying. And they do not like you at all.

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