Sillian Goldenbrew

A Del Caran halfling with a penchant for mischief, larceny, and a knack for unleashing unmitigated style upon any so fortunate to look at him.


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Sillian Goldenbrew, of the Teichan halfling of the same name, enjoys his family’s fame for their Goldenbrew ale popular both on the mainland and in the colonies. Born and raised in a halfling ghetto in one of the dozens of nameless forgotten towns of Del Cara, Sillian quickly learned the rule of the isle: do whatever you want, just don’t get caught. Blessed with a kinder heart than most from Del Cara, he mostly extends this rule to theivery and pranking others.

An unfortunate incident in his hometown, however, forced him to leave Del Cara and take to wandering the high seas, living a vagrant’s life and sporting a dashing silhouette in the process. Despite his often striking garb, he tends to be a loner, mistrustful of others, and longing for friendship at the same time. He is a bit of a walking contradiction.

Sillian Goldenbrew

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