Captain Hatt

Captain of the smuggling ship Wayward Sun.


Tall, mocha-skinned, and is rarely seen not sporting an outrageously large headpiece.


Captain Hatt is an infamous smuggler of the southern sea, known in the Teichan colonies as one of the biggest afronts to Del Julian trade. He never resorts to piracy, so neither he, his crew, nor his ship are deemed kill on sight, but he has become a thorn in the side of many trying to turn a profit.

A one-time acquaintance of Lieutenant Hague of the Diamond Shores Guard, he was sold out seven years ago by Hague in a successful attempt at saving his own skin, and had to flee the Diamond Shores underworld. He left his wife behind, and has not been able to contact her through letters, due to her inability to read.

He is a genuine fellow, and believes he is providing a necessary service to people unwilling or unable to pay the exorbitant prices of Del Julian goods. He is an expert swordsman and an accomplished violinist. His singing voice, however, leaves something to be desired.

Captain Hatt

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