Alagos Windrunner

A woodsman of the Feywild, deadly with bow, sword, and mushroom...


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As a child, Alagos always seemed different, always feeling a little like an outsider among his peers. He always had an eye toward the world outside of the Feywild. Most of his elders and friends did not share this desire to explore, as most Eladrin believe that the events ouside of the Feywild were of little importance, but Alagos was not convinced. He had the urge to make a difference in the world at-large and to be a great hero, just like in the stories he had heard from the humans, as he would sneak out of the Feywild into the outside world.

As he embarked on small adventures, he had developed dazzling skills stalking in the woods (which was somewhat unusual for his people as most took an interest in the arcane and military arts). He would become the first in his line to become a great woodsman. In fact, he had developed such startling accuracy that his reputation became known, to all those who saw him at least, as one of the best shots in the land. His grace and elagance with the bow (named Wrynder), as well as his short blade (Iolith), was unlike anything anyone had seen before. Recieving several accolades, his elders recognized his excellent talents, and was happy to see him leave to forge a new legacy among his people.

Alagos Windrunner

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