• Alagos Windrunner

    Alagos Windrunner

    A woodsman of the Feywild, deadly with bow, sword, and mushroom...
  • Oak Stouthart

    Oak Stouthart

    A Teichan paladin of Bahamut who values more than the fight against evil, but often settles conflict with words.
  • Sillian Goldenbrew

    Sillian Goldenbrew

    A Del Caran halfling with a penchant for mischief, larceny, and a knack for unleashing unmitigated style upon any so fortunate to look at him.
  • Captain Hatt

    Captain Hatt

    Captain of the smuggling ship Wayward Sun.
  • Sergeant Scotts

    Sergeant Scotts

    The faithful, but ultimately dead, cohort of Captain Oak Stouthart.